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 With nearly six million motorists in New Jersey, traffic violations are bound to happen at some point. These charges can levy hefty fines, revocation of driving privileges and possibly even jail time. If you have received a citation for a traffic violation in Medford, NJ, or surrounding areas in Burlington County, minimize or avoid the possible consequences with professional legal representation from the Law Office of Jeffrey Grudko. With extensive knowledge in traffic laws and criminal defense in South Jersey, we can help you with traffic violation charges involving:

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If you have been charged with DUI or DWI, it is vital that you seek legal counseling from a qualified DUI / DWI attorney. Not only will a conviction result in license revocation, it can also significantly raise insurance premiums and substantial fines. Furthermore, such convictions go on your permanent record, which can influence an employer's decision to hire you. Avoid a costly DUI or DWI conviction by consulting the DUI attorney with experience. With countless favorable cases throughout Medford, NJ, Burlington County, and South Jersey, the Law Office of Jeffrey Grudko has the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you reduce or minimize your DUI charges.

Whether you were charged for going five or twenty-five over the speed limit, a speeding ticket can incur fines and increased insurance rates. Depending on the overage speed, you may also be facing revocation. An experienced traffic lawyer can help reduce your speeding charge or get it dismissed entirely.

Driving with a suspended license can increase your revocation period and further harm your driving record. The best way to combat a DWLR charge is to get your license reinstated. For legal representation regarding driving under a suspended license charges in Medford, NJ, and surrounding areas in Burlington County, call the Law Office of Jeffrey Grudko.

Missing your auto insurance payment can happen to anyone, and providers are quick to lapse coverage when it does. Driving without proof of insurance is a serious offense in New Jersey and can result in arrest, fines, license suspension and possible jail time. Call the Law Office of Jeffrey Grudko if you have been charged with driving without insurance in Medford, NJ, or South Jersey.

Reckless driving often accompanies excessive speeding charges or drunk driving charges, as is often the case in Medford, NJ. A reckless driving conviction can add five points to your license. Aside from the possible 60 days of jail time (for first offense) and probable fines (up to $200) that come with a reckless driving conviction, the points acquired will considerably add to your insurance premiums. For advice on how to reduce these points, and avoid jail time, consider consulting the traffic violations attorneys at the Law Office of Jeffrey Grudko. Also, the courts are not required to, but have the ability to suspend one's driver's license for an indefinite period of time if they deem it necessary. Avoid these harsh penalties by seeking the help of Jeffrey Grudko. We also help those with multiple careless/reckless driving offenses. Call us today for a free consultation. NOTE: The difference between reckless driving and careless driving is that reckless driving involves a person knowingly or purposely endangering themselves and others on the road, while careless driving is negligence without intent.

Traffic light cameras have prompted a wave of red light violations. If you have been charged with running a red light or failing to come to a complete stop at stop sign, it is best to seek legal representation to avoid fines and the addition of two points to your license.

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If you have been charged with any of these traffic violations or other moving violations in Medford, NJ, or surrounding areas in Burlington County and South Jersey, you may need legal representation to avoid penalties.